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Silicone is an elastic and flexible polymer created from siloxane. This synthetic substance is commonly colorless and almost seems like rubber material. It is mostly used in adhesives, sealants, lubricants, cookware, kitchenware, medicine, and thermal and electrical insulation. Therefore, silicone is a multipurpose material that is widely used in both household and commercial settings.

Wetop specializes in silicone products and we are in the business for more than a decade. Our years of experience made us one of the most trusted silicone electronic accessories manufacturers not only in China but across countries as well. Wetop’s reputation is built on the trust we gained from prestigious brands. To know more about the products we offer, check out our bestseller silicone electronic accessories.

OEM and Custom Design Silicone Airpod Cases

Looking for sleek and trendy silicone AirPods cases? Then we have just what you need! We have a wide range selection of colors for your AirPods to keep them protected and secured from wear and dirt.

In case you are looking for a particular design that is not available from our selections or you want to provide your design as input, we are more than happy to collaborate with you. Just lay your design and other requirements and we will make it happen.

OEM and Custom Design Silicone Watch Brands

We also cater to silicone watch brands. Try our products to give your wrist a new vibe and comfort feeling.

For custom orders, please reach us immediately to provide selections and quotations. Contact us today!

Custom Silicone Cartoon Phone Case for iPhone

If you have just bought a new phone, chances are you are looking for a phone case to protect it from scratches. Silicone phone cases are better than plastic ones. Our silicone cartoon phone case for iPhone is designed with the latest cartoon characters in trend. Silicone phone cases have a better texture or feel in the hand compared to plastic cases.

Although plastic cases come in an extensive range of designs and styles, they are typically harder. On the other hand, silicone phone cases, like ours, have a softer and rubbery texture and this feels pleasant to touch. Our cartoon silicone phone’s rubbery texture also tends to be very grippy, apart from the reason for its structure and design – and this is great for those butterfingers among us.

If you are interested in this type of silicone phone case, click the link to know more about our custom and OEM designs available for this model. We guarantee to meet your requirements. 

Custom Silicone Phone Case for Android

Plastics and silicones are both durable, that is why they are used in almost every application, from microwaves to microchips these days. However, plastics have a tendency to chip or crack over a hard impact. Indeed, they save phones from absorbing shock, but once they are damaged, they can no longer protect your phone and you need to replace it.

Our silicone phone cases for android are extremely durable. Our stocks can twist, bend, and shimmy with no structural damage. But there is one downside of using silicone phone cases – they easily attract dirt and grime, making them hard to clean.

Still, our silicone android phone cases can offer your smartphone better protection, aesthetic look, and a good feel in your hands. For orders and inquiries, reach us today for custom designs and other selections.

Custom Phone Case With OEM DIY Artwork Printing

We believe that each has a different preferred style, and silicone phone cases tend to have a limited design selection compared to plastic phone cases. But in Wetop, we make sure that you get what you really want.

We offer OEM and custom silicone phone cases that will definitely meet your demands. We even offer DIY printing designs to feel the uniqueness of your electronic accessory. Moreover, we make sure that using our silicone phone cases, your phone is really protected. Our products are snugly and can fit well with your phones.

Whether android or ios phone, we have units for all smartphones. Just give us your preferred design or you can choose from our selections of OEM designs. 

OEM and Custom Design Silicone Phone Case for iPhone

A lot of people are practicing conscious consumerism, the reason why many individuals are now converting to greener materials and products, like silicone, instead of plastic. Note that when burned, plastic materials release harmful gasses that are released to the environment. On the other hand, silicone combusts with no harmful bi-products, which makes it a better alternative material for product manufacturing.

Also, silicone substance is not scarce for its components, most particularly silicon is the second most abundant element on Earth. Pretty cool, right?

Our OEM and custom design silicone phone cases for iPhones come in several color and design collections. If you wish for a unique and custom design, we are more than happy to collaborate with you. Reach us today!


Silicone for your electronic accessories does not get any better than this! Here in Wetop, we offer the best silicone products at your disposal. We are open to brand collaborations. Contact us today to know more. Click this link to reach us.

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