It all Starts with Meticulous Communication

Beginning from initial communication and consultation, we listen intently to the needs of your brand and understand what you are looking for. Our team also shares tailor-made solutions that are aimed at reducing time and cost while improving quality and output.

ISTA Tests

Budget Control

ODM/OEM Manufacturing

Differentiated Customization

Making Molds that Cater to Exact Needs

Making Molds that Cater to Exact Needs

Through careful study and evaluation, our seasoned engineers review the feasibility of your product proposal and adopt the best solutions that match your requirements. The mold is carefully created to effectively handle the silicone material and produce the desired results.


Brand Building Sets You Apart

Employing the latest market trends and creativity, our dedicated design team assists you in boosting the identity of your brand. We offer full customization to your product design, logo, and packaging to make them stand out and capture the attention of your audience.


Export Certified & Quality Assurance On Your Request

Rigorous testing is conducted throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality. We can also work with third-party inspection laboratories to ensure your silicone products meet export standards. We can comply with your requested packaging method, proving another layer of security for your products.


Peace of Mind After-sales Guarantee

Our partnership does not end at product delivery, as our customer support team provides you with hassle-free after-sales service to address your concerns. We process an immediate return and exchange if any problems are encountered with the silicone products, so you are never at a loss.

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